A Day Away!


-To Ezeigwe Chioma Juliet, CEO Da Jules World.

If zeal and passion were communicable diseases, hers would infect the whole world!

-To every woman who has been abused physically, emotionally and psychologically, you’re not alone. Stay strong!


It’s my birthday!

        Merry Christmas !  How’s the year ending for you? Beautiful I hope! 



Today is my birthday and I am excited to see this day.  2017 wasn’t easy all through, but it was a tremendous one for me because I have learnt alot, grown and I’m better than I  was yesterday, standing strong.



I initially wanted to do a #20thingsI’mgratefulfor post,but when I put it all together I realise that there is only one thing I’m  truly grateful for and that’s my #life. Because I have this life I can dream, I can hope,I can become better, I can grow, I can be successful,I can be happy and above all I can love.


I know that the journey might not always be smooth,but where there’s life there’s hope and where there is a will, there’s always a way.



That being said, coming up right after this is a story I ought to have posted a while ago,but didn’t due to unforeseen circumstances.  It’s my gift to you. I hope you like it

PS : It’s a very short one!









Thank you!


4 Ways to keep your skin moisturized during the harmattan season

A typical Nigerian would understand how hard it is to cope during the dry season because of  the dreaded harmattan,for with harmattan comes cold and dryness and brittle skin and chapped lips. Growing up, I hated harmattan,I do have dry skin and the season only made it worse. My skin cracked, it was painful and I don’t like cold weather so harmattan is still a no for me.


If you can relate to this or have dry skin, these tips should be helpful:

Just cute!

  1. Up your water game

There is no better way to hydrate your skin than from the inside. Water flushes out toxin,boosts the immune system and improves skin complexion, so why not drink more? Whatever quantity of water you drink  per day, add a litre to it. You would see rapid changes and feel more energized.


  1. Some more oil

Oils are really good moisturizers and  they contain healing properties as well. They provide a good balance for your Ph level and constant use would blend out harsh lines and reduce wrinkles. This is a really good one for me as it nourishes my skin, olive and sesame seed oils are my favorite,but you can use whichever suites you. I’ve been doing this regularly with step 1 and I don’t need to do 3 anymore.


  1. Try the LOC  method

LOC stands for Liquid-Oil-Cream in that order.  The LOC method is widely known in the natural hair community and is effective in combating dryness and retaining moisture.  My hair thrives on this although my hair recently has been favouring OLC(oil-liquid-cream) and LOL(liquid-oil-liquid) method.  I’m yet to understand it, but that’s story for another day Lol.  LOC is a simple process, leave your skin damp with water after bathing,massage skin with oil of choice then seal with a cream or butter( shea butter) or a lubricant as well(eg petroleum jelly). This would leave your skin moisturized all day long.

  1. Use a mild soap

Number 1 to 3 would be in vain if your bathing soap contain harsh chemicals.  They strip your body of nutrients and leave your skin dry and could cause long term damage. Ingredients like parabens, sulfates, fragrance, triclosan etc should be avoided.  Embrace natural based ingresients,they would soothe, refresh and leave your skin moisturized and nourished.


Thanks for reading and I  hope this was helpful, till next time.







Dandruff Saga: salt as an exfoliant !

I’ve  had dandruff for as long as I can remember and it has been a constant struggle for me with the flakiness and itchy scalp.  Dandruff  is the shedding of  dry skin cells from the scalp. There are two types, wet(caused from oily scalp)  and dry dandruff (from dry scalp).  I have dry dandruff and I used to treat it with medicated creams  basically grease which  temporarily soothed my scalp, but in the long run caused damage to my hair because it was clogging the pores and drying out my strands.




After my cut I decided to sort out natural and healthier ways to treat the dreaded condition and I came across salt. Since I was gradually going crazy with the itching, this caught my attention.  It is said to help loosen flakes,cleanse the scalp thereby getting rid of built up dead skin cells. My my, isn’t this what I need? Plus it’s super affordable and other benefits inlude:


  • Hydrating skin cells
  • Excess sebum removal

-Relieves hair disorder

  • and is a natural antibiotic.  Yup I was definitely going to try this.



How I use?



                  There’s  more than one method of application,but I prefer this since its actual exfoliation.  First I prepoo with olive and coconut oil for 30 minutes,spray hair damp with water(to ease the scalp massage) then I generously apply salt on my scalp and massage for 5-10 minutes. Salt is already coarse so there’s  no need to apply too much force when rubbing, it should give a soothing effect if done right. Afterwards I shampoo thoroughly and condition. 



The first try relieved my scalp immensely and I’m grateful for that.  I repeated this procedure once a week for 3 weeks and once in 2 weeks after.  My hair has improved considerably  with minimal itching though still has a little debris, but I expect that would go completely with time.

I now do this once a month as my hair doesn’t itch anymore and I’m careful not to oil my scalp too much.


Braids by Moi !

There’s a strict warning not to use salt if there’s a wound or skin damage and not to apply on dry hair cos it might injure the scalp and provoke more breakage.  Trust me you don’t want to do any of those.


That’s it, I’ll catch y’all next time!