I Big Chopped….…………Again!

Yes you read that title right, I big chopped last Thursday 6th October 2016.



My major reason would be to grow my hair the right way you know,no shortcuts and all. When I just started my last journey I didn’t know half of what I know now. I was a novice and I didn’t start acquiring proper information until some months to my first Nappiversary so I made some mistakes,major mistakes.

Overstyling- As in I could do twists in the morning and straw curls in the evening.

Too much combing-  I used to comb rigorously at least once a day.

Irregular products- Use moisturizer A today,tomorrow use B.

And many more. My hair suffered a great deal from this so I decided to cut it off and start again. Shikenah!



No and Yes cos I had been contemplating BCing for some months,but I didn’t exactly plan to cut it on Thursday. I took down my weave on Wednesday and I just got really tired of the hair and off to the barber’s shop I went and BOY! Do I love the freedom? I haven’t taken any pictures yet though, that’s how lazy I’ve become LOL!


Though grooming my hair again is the main plan, I’m not ready yet. I’ve got side plans #winks

I want to rock my TWA too! I’m thinking simple but chic!

-Razored side cuts


-Definitely dye(haven’t decided on the colour)

I should all these this week.


I intend to start grooming my hair in January though I don’t know if I’ll wait that long. Meanwhile I would start preparing and gathering products for my in next journey. I already penned out a new regimen before this BC so I’ll just use it when I start.

That’s it, thanks!


P S- I’m working on this site so you may see some changes from time to time, please bear with me when she looks V Ugly. Thank you!




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Post Nappiversary. . .pictures!

Hey guys,how are ya’ll doing?

So this is the post I promised,well not exactly. You see my mother was involved in a terrible accident and I had to come home. I packed in a rush so I didn’t bring my stuff(blog book and hair pics),but I left some pictures in my bros lappy a while ago and he(bless him) didn’t delete them. It’s not all,but I thought it’s better than waiting till I get back(whenever that is). So leggo. . .



5 or 6 "


Top view

Xenon so fine styling gel. I was impressed

Xenon so fine styling gel. I was impressed

This was supposed to be a twist out. Still rocked it though

    This was supposed to be a twist out. Still rocked it though


Don't know what this style is called

Don’t know what this style is called

Mohawk I looove this look!

Mohawk I looove this look!

This is like the only braids I've done.

This is like the only braids I’ve done.

Courtesy of Momma!

                            Courtesy of Momma!

Straight outta AJ!

                          Straight outta AJ!

Ochuko the pregnant girl!

Ochuko the pregnant girl!


I am a mountain!

               I’m in the mountain!



WIGS/WEAVES ! My no 1 go to style!



Finger coils,my favourite wig!

Finger coils,my favourite wig!

What I'm rocking currently.

What I’m rocking currently.




Three days ago, me and my friend all dressed up in my mama’s clothes!

Iyawo wa!

Iyawo wa!

My friend S

My friend S

I'm looking for my husband LOL!

I’m looking for my husband LOL!


Yep that’s it. I’ll catch you guys later.


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The 10 commandments for Beautiful healthy hair..

Hey guys.. I hope the new month has been going great for everyone? I came across this post and I thought to share it with you all.. As the title of this post suggests, these are 10 things that ever…

Source: The 10 commandments for Beautiful healthy hair..

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Nappiversary! Hair turned two on 12th!

Hi hi hi guys!

What’s been up with you lately?

 First of all i have to apologise,this is a very short post. Two days ago,on the 12th! My hair turned 2 and I'm really happy and all. I'm pretty tied up with some things so i haven't compiled my nappi... Post.

I’ll have it updated very soon!

My hair is shedding again oh, i think she is crying for a deep conditioning treatment this time around. Even though its my least favourite regimen I'll cave in and do it this weekend.

Btw what’s your least favourite regimen?

I’ll be back soon.



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Elentee Soy Organic Twist and Lock Gel.

Hi guys,hope you’ve been good?

In my last post I mentioned this product

Elentee soy organics twist and lock gel. Size 16oz

Elentee soy organics twist and lock gel. Size 16oz.

That’s not the one with me though,the ones with me are in small sachets

About 40 sachets

About 40 sachets.

Apparently Elentee is a brand associated with organic products and they have a bunch of other products too.

Product Description

ESOTLG is formulated with special herbal ingredients to deeply soften the cuticle for total control when coiling your hair into twists and locks. It conditions by restoring moisture and strengthens the hair to prevent breakage. Provides a long lasting hold and dries fast.

Its pretty light in consistency and has a nice smell.


Water(aqua), VP/dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate copolymer,polysorbate 20,PEG-75 lanolin,dimethicone,amodimethicone,trideceth-12,centrimonium,chloride,glycerin,carbomer,triethanolamine,PEG/PPG 20/15 dimethicone,tetrasodium, EDTA,propylene glycol,hydrolyzed soy protein,Angelica Archangelica root extract,chamomilla Rccutita(Matricaria)extract,sympytum officinale leaf extract,viscum album(mistletoe)extract,urtica dioica(nettle)extract, avena sativa(oat)meal extract, rosmarinus officinalis(rosemary) leaf extract,salvia officinale(sage)leaf extract,nasturtium officinale extract,methylparaben,propylparaben,DMDM hydantoin,fragrance,yellow 5(CI 19140),Blue 1(CI 42090).

Directions: After shampooing,towel dry and part your hair into small sections. Apply ample amount of ESOTLG onto wet or dry hair and style as desired.

I followed the directions when styling and I totally loved the results I got each time(twice for twists and once for Bantu knot out. Its so sleek and the gel true to their word dries fast.

Price:Amazon $13.77, Jiji N2000

You can get it in your local supermarket or any online store.

Will I be buying this?

Yes I most definitely will. I like a product that does what it says and Elentee does just that.

P.S I would soon be on YouTube and the hair will be two on the 12th of next month yay!

If you’ve used ESOTLG please let me know in the comment box, I’d like to know if it worked for you.



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Keeping up with hair care

Hi guys!
How are ya’ll doing?
Its been a while right?

Lately I’ve been a little unstable in maintaining my regimen. I was so busy with work and all that I kinda neglected my hair,until last week i didn’t even realise I needed to give my hair more attention,but when my hair started shedding I knew i had to do something fast,so a quick protein treatment of egg and Mayonnaise(kitchen) fixed it though temporary but I have since resolved to give proper care to Lola(the hair) and that includes protein treatments when needed,regular deep conditioning, pre-pooing and the rest. That reminds me, have you heard of water only washing? I know it sounds crazy to me too but when i read her(Ekene-thekinkandi) post it kind of made sense. You can check the link above to read it. Its definitely something I’d like to try.

Next post should be about this Soy Organics Twist and Lock Gel that i came across, literally! one of my neighbors threw it away and I just happened to pass by at the right time. Thats good fortune on my part. So till then i say a healthy goodbye to do and i hope you have a productive day.


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I finally trimmed my hair Yay!

Yes that’s right. For the first time in all my natural years I trimmed my hair. I would have done this some weeks ago but the supposedly best natural hair salon in my area made me flee with their response when I said I wanted to trim(story for another day), so i decided to do it myself.
Before i started i watched a couple of videos just to get the hang of it(which is advisable if you want to trim your hair yourself). Then i proceeded to trim my hair. I trimmed before washing because I was scared of loosing a lot of hair during wash(as in my hair was badly tangled ehh), then i went through my wash routine pre-poo, wash, condition and rinse(black tea). When dry I detangled and put my hair in small cornrows(makes me look like a school girl LOL) because I wanted to be able to pour water on my head whenever I want.
Before the trim my hair was 6.8″(middle length), 5.8″(front length), 5″(back length). Now my middle length is around 5.2″ or so(my measurement wasn’t really accurate). I think i got a little scissors happy but i like the freedom i felt in my hair afterwards. I’m going to twist my hair(no extensions) till the heat is over then it’s off to another protective style(definitely not crochet braids). So thats it.
I’ll catch ya’ll next time

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Washday…or Night/Black Tea Rinse

Hi guys!
Today I will be sharing on my wash night experience(because I washed at night lol).

My first and primary goal for this year and beyond is to retain my hair length because last year I kinda lost some hair cos I was really into styling and as a result of that I did some high manipulative styles, not realising that my hair is soft and fragile.
So I’ve decided to find out what really works for my hair and stick with it.

So my hair had been in crochet braids for two weeks and 5days,the plan was to keep it for 3weeks but on Tuesday night I just couldn’t hold it anymore. I started by pre-pooing with a hot oil massage using palm oil and shea butter, I melted them together and worked it from my scalp to my roots and put it in a nylon cap for 2hours then I used black soap mixed with honey to wash my hair (I’ve noticed that honey coils my hair,happens everytime I use it to wash my hair) then I conditioned my hair hair with a fruity conditioner(neighbour’s property), quite nice, it was all soft on my hair and I liked the feel of it,I left it for about 5minutes then I did a tea rinse with black tea. This is my second tea rinse, I used green tea the first time and it was nice but let’s just say I’m quite stingy when it comes to using green tea for any other thing asides drinking lol. So I did a research on tea rinses and discovered black tea. These are my top 5 reasons for choosing black tea:
1.it darkens hair
2.Reduces shedding
3.Darkens hair
4.Aids hair growth
5. And lastly darkens hair
Lol! Yea my major reason is 1,3, and 5. Since I would be using honey, olive oil and the likes which are lightening products by the way, I thought it would be nice to incorporate something that will help me retain my hair colour. So I poured it on my hair repeatedly, about 5 times and massaged ma hair a little bit and then rinsed my hair with water and I was done.
OMG it was so nice! My hair was all soft and smooth,my hair has never been as soft as this after a wash and asides the mess I caused in the bathroom everything went well.
So to the habits I’ve started developing:
1.Using stuff that works-check
2.Drying with a t-shirt- miraculously I found a white shirt that I never knew was in my house so -check
3.Finger detangling- I’m going to check this box because whilst I suck at finger detangling, I’ve made up my mind to use less combs and more hands.
4.Satin bonnet/pillow case-i don’t like covering my hair when I sleep so bonnet -x cancelled but I have an old satin gown that I’m using as pillow case till I sew a proper pillow case so-check. That’s all for now,more will come up later.

Today is saturday and my hair is still very soft and moisturised, I use shea butter to seal after sprinkling with water and I’ve been styling my hair in a puff, at night I braid my hair loosely and tighten the ends a little bit so it can be stretched for morning. I’m getting crochet braids installed tomorrow, don’t ask me why cos I don’t know. It’s a different colour and length from the last one so it’ll look different from the last one.

Yeah! That’s it,long post eh?
I’ll catch you guys next time.

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COZA naturals

Hi people!
How’re ya’ll doing?

Yesterday I was spring cleaning(though it isn’t spring) and I found a magazine from COZA(Common Wealth of Zion Assembly). Apparently a friend of mine went there and was given the magazine.
So when I saw it I decided to flip through and I saw an article about natural hair, here’s what it says:

“The hair industry is worth billions of naira as millions of Nigerian women strive to step up their game and keep up with the ‘Ajanlekokos'(don’t know what this means).From synthetic to various types of human hair,ladies have stressed their hair roots,emotions and wallets…or partners wallets.
While most people have adopted the standard of female beauty and chic as chemically straightened hair,some COZA ladies are taking a break from the relaxer,letting their hair follicles rest and embracing a more natural look. This is not a trend that will just fade away so you have plenty of time(I agree). You can take it slow. Just grow out your relaxed hair instead of picking the scissors after leaving church…and you may want to do some research first.

You are beautiful no matter how you style your hair. Relaxed hair or not, we believe self-acceptance and confidence are the most important components of style and together, we can debunk this myth that only a certain hair type looks.”

I was happy when I read this article. Many ladies have been through some stuff because their hair is natural. Most times when I tell people my hair is natural what comes out from them is “so when do you intend to relax your hair” or ‘won’t you relax your hair?
I used to be one of those that thought keeping natural hair was ‘whacko’ but now I’ve learnt to appreciate and love my hair the way it is. Surely its not easy(nobody said it was going to be)but that’s the thrill about keeping natural hair,learning new things about your hair and your health. It’s so nice to know that many other women are taking the step and going natural.

Okay I’ll stop there so it doesn’t seem like I’m against women that straighten their hair chemically. I’ll just say that whatever hair type you choose to keep,just keep it healthy and clean and yes! don’t hesitate to rock your hair in whatever style you choose!


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My homemade body wash and scrub.

Hi hi hi! Everyone.
Its been a long time coming. First of all I want to apologise for not posting pictures of my birthday as I promised. Its actually a long story but it turns out I can’t post pictures with my phone which is quite annoying but I’m still working my way around that.
Today’s post is about one of my body goals that I’m experimenting on(my own body scrub). I have a lot of goals this year and in due time I’ll be sharing some of them here so stay tuned!
Alright, so one of my goals for my body in general was to go natural and I have to admit I’m pretty excited because I know its going to be profitable for moi. Over the past few years I discovered that my body reacts more positively to natural products and I always said I’ll go natural but I never really got around to doing it,but going natural(hair wise) opened up that door again and this time I’ve decided to walk in.
So I’ve been looking up some recipes on natural shampoo,conditioner,body wash etc…
Today isn’t washday so I’ll leave the shampoo and conditioner till then.

For my body, I was going with a scrub and a wash. The scrub for exfoliation(not everyday) and the normal wash for everyday use,but yesterday I was so tired of using things without result that even though I didn’t have all the ingredients I decided to use what I have.
My ingredients:
Black soap(local one)
Melted shea butter
Sugar(for little exfoliation)
Baking powder(a little lightening)

If you’ve ever been to gwagwalada(yep that where I am) you would understand my reason for adding the baking powder( that place can win an award for Nigeria). I soaked the soap in little water, added milk and honey, melted my shea butter and added. I blended the sugar a bit before adding it to the mixture to reduce the harshness and then I just stirred everything together. And that’s basically it, the mixture looks like malt and I like it. There was no specific measurement for this,I knew what I wanted so I jst used my eyes and intellect. I’ve used this once and I like the way my skin was moisturised but I’m going to use it for a while before deciding fully.
By the way I’m rocking crochet braids again and it looks so natural,many people think its my hair and its just about shoulder length. I’m will be embracing a lot of protective styles this year since it will help me achieve my no1 hair goal: to retain length and I’m going to find a way to post pictures of my hair since I intend to try versatile styles. That quite it
Soooo till next time

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