About me…

Hi! My name is Charissa and I live in Abuja,Nigeria. I grew up with the knowledge that black hair can’t grow long and worse,that our hair isn’t meant to be left alone cos we’ll look weird and untidy. So I accepted every heat damaging trip to the salon,the breakage that came with relaxing and wished other races lucky.

By 2013,my hair was badly damaged that it was practically falling  so I decided to cut it,start again and hope for better. I big chopped intending to relax the hair after some months,but I changed my mind after I came across some natural hair blogs and fell in love,noticing that it was a trend. Though it took me two years to understand how to properly handle my hair since there are different hair types. So I big chopped again,properly equipped this time around to start a healthier journey and I’m documenting my journey so you can find helpful tips for your own hair as well. I’d be very glad if you join me,let’s see what we’ll find.